Public Cloud Vs Private Cloud

Your Guide to Cloud Economics:
Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud

Finance is a standard part of business and impacts any and all decisions made by organizations. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to cloud computing and selecting a platform, companies want to not only get the best fit for their needs, but they want it to be the most cost-effective solution as well. This is where the debate between public and private cloud pricing comes in.The debate on cost-effectiveness between private cloud and public cloud is dependent on several factors that are the pillars of your organization, such as, the size and workload predictability.

In this white paper, we help explain certain elements that constitute the pricing model of an infrastructure solution. Through significant analysis, it is established how one cloud may be more suitable for you than the other. The argument is further strengthened by industry examples for a better understanding.

This paper aims to keep you informed of your options and hopes to provide you the right guidance in your cloud journey.