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How Governments Use OpenStack Around The World

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Look around you and see how governments use OpenStack to stay up to date on the latest technology trends.

Governments all over the world trust in OpenStack for their cloud computing needs. With an OpenStack powered private cloud government can benefit from the very best in security, scalability, and agility. Choosing a cloud-based infrastructure allows governments to stay up to date on the latest technology trends. All the while saving on costs typically associated with traditional IT. In a world where security threats are increasing, it has never been more important for government bodies to implement additional measures against risk. This includes a robust cloud solution, which enables the government to focus on its core competencies and work for the citizens of their country.

Today we are going to dive into how different governments use OpenStack around the world. Our global tour will begin in The United States of America, take a detour to Australia and end with the impact of OpenStack on the French government. Let's take a look at how governments use OpenStack around the world- no passport required!

How Governments Use OpenStack

Governments all over the world have important priorities. Keep their citizens safe, keep law and order within their jurisdiction, and problem solve any issues that arise are just some of the issues that they face on a day to day basis. Although the way that they govern their countries the following countries have one thing in common: OpenStack.

The United States Of America

In the United States, the National Security Agency (NSA) utilizes the power of OpenStack to keep abreast of the high-security needs of the country. The implementation of OpenStack at the governmental level was such a success that the NSA plan on implementing OpenStack to all 16 agencies that make up the intelligence community in the United States. Considering the emphasis that the United States place on security, it is evident that OpenStack delivers where it matters most.

Moreover, the role of OpenStack in government security for the United States is good for OpenStack users. Why? Because the NSA has such strong security requirements, it developed systems to accommodate these requirements. From securing APIs and guest OSes to developing code to suit their needs, the OpenStack community can experience the security benefits for themselves.



The government of Australia is also no strange to OpenStack's private cloud infrastructure. The Australian government leveraged simplicity alongside agility of OpenStack to build a secure cloud platform. Major government departments such as the Digital Transformation Agency, Department of Health and the Defence and Australian Intelligence Community all worked to ensure that the implementation of OpenStack was a success. Thanks to OpenStack, Australia was able to deliver high-security digital services and solutions to areas of the government that needed it most.


Finally, the French government is no stranger to OpenStack themselves. France's Interior Ministry has been harnessing the power of OpenStack private clouds to help govern the country. The Ministry IT engineers were taught to use OpenStack best practices. They went on to help in selecting which tools and deployment strategies would be right for France. Many of the applications that France is using right now are in place to push for bureaucratic reform. About 20 different projects are being considered for France's OpenStack powered cloud and they plan to migrate 150 applications to the cloud in the next three to five years.

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