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How Bare Metal Clusters Help Apps via Container Infrastructure

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

A brief look at how bare metal clusters aid applications in their development, and management through their container infrastructure. Read more.

Bare metal clusters of containers as infrastructural choices are subject to much debate against container nodes on VMs. The other architectural choices are cloud VMs versus container as a service and private versus public clouds.

Bare metal container clusters and container nodes on VMs are relevant for enterprise IT and cloud providers. The choice on whether containers on bare metal or VMs work better depends on a bunch of factors such as performance needs and management capabilities. Here is a look at how bare metal container clusters aid applications, their development, and management.

Bare Metal Clusters for Application Development

What is bare metal? In simple terms, it is a physical computer server that is dedicated to a single tenant. It comes without the additional virtualization/hypervisor layer that is typical in a cloud-based infrastructure. Users can choose their preferred server specifications such as capacity, memory, and disk space and start developing or testing what they need, including all kinds of applications.

The core benefit of a bare metal cluster environment for developers is the ease of coding. There are very few uncertainties compared to other hosting spaces. For example, in multi-tenant environments, developers often face the problem of 'noisy neighbor,' which affects overall performance. Other significant advantages of bare metal containers include more storage than what users get on VMs, removal of overhead due to multiple virtualization layers, better hosting for micro server architectures, faster deployment, more effective container environments, and the facilitation of an efficient, unified platform altogether.

Furthermore, functionalities similar to virtual servers, such as API enablement, self-service, flexible billing, on-demand nature, etc., are also available for bare metal clusters. They also reduce overall costs and are easy to scale according to changing requirements.

For businesses in application development, the 'noisy neighbor' effect can cause substantial financial, time, resource, and efficiency losses. Bare Metal container clusters will remove most of these bottlenecks and give developers the power and consistency necessary for successful scaling and agile development.

VEXXHOST's All-in-one Cloud Environment

At VEXXHOST, we provide close to limitless possibilities in creating and managing cloud environments, with three foundational infrastructure components - bare metal, virtual machines, and Kubernetes - often all in one environment.

For many of our clients, our OpenStack-based public and private clouds are the preferred choices because of their highly scalable and secure nature. Speaking of private clouds, you can now run on a fully agile and customized cloud from VEXXHOST, with no licensing fees and smooth 2-week migration. In fact, we're ready to put our money where our mouth is. We're so confident in being able to save you at least 20% or more on your current cloud infrastructure expenditure that if proven wrong- we'll give you $1,000 credit to our public cloud.

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