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A Brief Look into the Future of Private Cloud in Healthcare

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The applications of cloud in healthcare have grown multi-fold during the pandemic, with most organizations leaning towards private clouds. Read more.

A year ago, we had written about the impact of cloud computing in healthcare, detailing the various benefits the technology can bring into the field. Little did we expect that in a year, the world would change so much. The applications of cloud technology in healthcare and various other industries have grown multi-fold owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this context, we are revisiting the topic according to the current new developments. Only this time with more of a focus on private clouds as there is a rise in healthcare institutions opting for private cloud for their operations. Let's dive in.

Cloud Computing Applications in Healthcare

As we are witnessing now, companies in the healthcare sector who were hesitant to adopt cloud technology welcomed it, driven by necessity and safety during the pandemic. Another factor could be the need for a much more efficient mechanism, as there is unprecedented demand for everything from PPE kits to ventilators, and hospitals being overcrowded worldwide. Traditional systems of healthcare practice have changed, and most of these changes are here to stay.

Using the application of technology such as cloud in healthcare, crisis management is still ongoing. We also see that there is innovation in multiple areas. Here are some examples.

  • Many healthcare professionals can now work remotely
  • Most non-emergency doctor-patient consultations are now remote
  • Patient monitoring and data collection
  • Contact tracing methods and surveillance through web applications
  • Data processing and management
  • AI-powered assistance in identifying specialized doctors or treatment protocols
  • Deep learning to facilitate further research of rapidly evolving healthcare needs

As new challenges arise and the world population increases, healthcare needs to step up the game. Since medicine and healthcare are such a specialized field, there is definitely a shortage of physicians and related expertise faced worldwide. The industry has no choice but to capitalize on the opportunities that technology. These opportunities include - ensuring a patient-centric approach (such as the case with personalized medicine) with deep learning and data analysis, giving more focus on prevention and wellness than treatment, monitoring more patient data remotely, and serving underserved demographics with the help of technology. Private cloud is one of the ways in which the healthcare industry can harness these opportunities.

The Future with Private Cloud in Healthcare

Many organizations and institutions opt for private cloud in healthcare for its safety and exclusivity features. Medical enterprises have a lot of sensitive data to deal with, and such entities are skeptical about their confidential data being stored in a shared cloud system. Private clouds solve this problem while also giving all the advantages of a cloud environment, such as scalability, customization, simplified management by the provider, backup and data recovery mechanisms, etc. Companies can also have additional security protocols other than the measures implemented by the cloud provider in such a system. In case a healthcare company is bound by compliance rules that prevent them from using a hosted environment, they can opt to have an on-premise private cloud.

Furthermore, private clouds are also extremely efficient in serving underserved or extremely rural populations. As this study shows, private clouds can help make data available at every level of the healthcare system with a standardized approach. Once this standardization is achieved and relevant data is collected, organizations can push for further automation and ensure better healthcare access to more people.

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