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High performance OpenStack cloud servers deployed in less than 30 seconds.

Starting at $0.15/hr.

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High-Performance Cloud Servers

Based on OpenStack® compute service, Nova, our service provides you with all the power, resources and flexibly to run your production workloads. You can build and launch reliable applications quickly and efficiently on our high-performance cloud computing infrastructure. The all solid-state redundant storage platform and fully automated unique server provisioning system of our cloud computing platform delivers all your infrastructure requirements at the highest level of processor and disk performance, automation and reliability.


With the latest cloud and software-defined networking technologies, you can easily build out complex and advanced network topologies easily and effortlessly.

Cloud Server Pricing

On-Demand Servers

Cloud servers allow you to pay for cloud computing capacity on an hourly basis with no long-term commitments. This eliminates the complexities and costs of planning, acquiring or purchasing and maintaining hardware and transforms large fixed capital expenditures to much smaller operating expenses.

Usage is accrued in 5 minute increments with no minimum charges on servers.

Instance Type vCPUs Memory Disk Hourly Rate
v1-standard-1 2 cores 1GB 40GB SSD $0.015/hr ≈ $10.00/mo
v1-standard-2 4 cores 2GB 50GB SSD $0.03/hr ≈ $20.00/mo
v1-standard-4 4 cores 4GB 100GB SSD $0.06/hr ≈ $40.00/mo
v1-standard-8 8 cores 8GB 200GB SSD $0.12/hr ≈ $80.00/mo
v1-standard-16 8 cores 16GB 400GB SSD $0.24/hr ≈ $160.00/mo
v1-standard-32 16 cores 32GB 800GB SSD $0.48/hr ≈ $320.00/mo
v1-standard-48 16 cores 48GB 1200GB SSD $0.72/hr ≈ $480.00/mo
v1-standard-64 24 cores 64GB 1600GB SSD $0.96/hr ≈ $640.00/mo
v1-standard-96 24 cores 96GB 2000GB SSD $1.44/hr ≈ $960.00/mo
v1-standard-128 24 cores 128GB 2500GB SSD $1.92/hr ≈ $1280.00/mo

Data Transfer Fees

Each instance is connected to both a public (internet) network and an internal network. You can take advantage of gigabit speed between your instances on the private network at no cost.

Network Type  Rate
Public Network — Internet $0.10 GB
Private Network — Internal free

IP Address Fees

Each instance is allocated one public for networking included for free. You can increase the amount of IPs assigned to your instance from your control panel. The IP addresses are billed per hour.

IP Addresses  Rate Per IP
Public IP Address $0.0028/hr ≈ $2.00/mo

Software Licenses

We have worked with our partners in order to offer leased software licenses for our cloud computing platform. These licenses are available for use exclusively on our cloud computing platform and may not be used externally.

Software Licenses  Hourly Rate
Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 $0.03/hr ≈ $22.00/mo
Windows Server 2012 Standard R2 $0.03/hr ≈ $22.00/mo
cPanel & WebHostManager (WHM) $0.02/hr ≈ $14.00/mo

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