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High-Performance Cloud Servers.

Build and launch applications quickly and efficiently on our high-performance cloud computing infrastructure. Our cloud servers offer you all the power, resources and flexibility needed to run your production workloads. The all-solid-state redundant storage platform and the fully automated unique server provisioning system ensures that all your infrastructure requirements are met, using the highest level of processor and disk performance, automation, and reliability.

Your data deserves the utmost protection which is why, at VEXXHOST, your cloud security is our top priority. Our storage system can detect data silently corrupted by hard drives and correct it automatically. Additionally, our infrastructure is engineered to meet your organization’s highest security requirements.

VEXXHOST’s infrastructure and network offers highly reliable server uptime availability, backed up by a 100% Service Level Agreement. With redundant power, storage and networking, your server will always be up and running on our cloud.

VEXXHOST passes on to you the savings of using an open-sourced cloud infrastructure software, OpenStack. Along with competitive pricing, our pay-as-you-go model allows you to pay solely for the capacity you’ve consumed on an hourly basis.

Take Advantage of a Multi-Architectural Infrastructure

Our multi-architectural OpenStack infrastructure offers you the choice of Intel x86 processor virtual machines or Arm 64-bit processor virtual machines, the only Arm-based virtual machines with OpenStack access in the industry.

Choose between cloud instances and cloud GPU instances.

Get the performance you need with enterprise-grade GPU instances.



Our GPU instances use enterprise-grade NVIDIA Tesla K80 accelerators. Each GPU provides 12 GiB of memory (accessible via 240 GB/second of memory bandwidth), and 2,496 parallel processing cores.

Local Storage

In order to deliver unparalleled speed, and differentiate itself as an industry leader, the hardware also includes PCI Express NVMe SSD local storage making this already powerful solution, incredibly fast and performant.

Fully Dedicated

Our GPU instances offer you both fully dedicated GPUs and CPUs. By not overselling GPUs and CPUs and offering dedicated instances, your instances are physically isolated from other clients.

Features of our OpenStack Powered Virtual Machines


Flexible Configuration

You can deploy cloud servers exactly the way you need them. With our cloud servers, you can choose between multiple types of instances, operating systems, and software options. You can select the optimal configuration of memory, disk space, and CPUs for your application needs.
Seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Our cloud servers are engineered to work harmoniously with all our other cloud services. Leveraging other OpenStack components such as network and object storage along with our cloud servers allows us to provide high-performance and reliable solutions to fit your application needs.

Highly Available

Our fully centralized storage infrastructure replicates your data across multiple machines to ensure maximum availability, reliability, and durability of your data.  It permits us to perform maintenance operations on our physical infrastructure without impacting your servers.
Complete Control

Complete Control

With our cloud servers, you have full control of your instances. You can easily control and interact with root access the same way as you would any machine. Complete control enables you to restart any instance using web service APIs as well as stopping instances while retaining data from the boot partition.
Elastic Solution

Elastic Solution

Our cloud servers allow you to easily increase or decrease capacity within minutes without worrying about upgrading any physical hardware. The web service APIs enable you to commission instantly any number of servers your app needs while your app automatically scales itself.
Quick to Start

Quick to Start

From the moment you request a server until the moment that server is up, running and accessible is typically 30 seconds at maximum. The combination of our high-end compute nodes and tuned cloud server scheduler boots your servers faster than ever before.

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