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Cloud Servers

High performance OpenStack® cloud servers deployed in less than 30 seconds.

Starting From

Simple Cloud Servers

Build and launch reliable and resilient applications quickly and efficiently on our high-performance cloud computing infrastructure. Based on OpenStack® technology, our service provides you with all the power, resources and flexibly to run your production workloads.

Enterprise Class Data Protection

Hard drives can silently corrupt data without being detected by most storage solutions used for servers. Our storage system can detect silently corrupted data and correct it automatically.

Ultra I/O Storage Platform

Our superior storage platform can deliver up to 1.4 gigabytes per second reads and 900 megabytes per second writes to disk, which is up to 10 times higher performance than typical server disk performance.

Fully Automated Server Platform

Our cloud servers are fully integrated with our hosting platform using an agent that runs inside every server. This allows you to reset administrator passwords and add/remove IPs with zero downtime.

Ultra-High Performance Platform

Our server platform has been engineered to deliver the best performance possible. From leveraging the fastest Intel® Xeon® processors, fully performance optimized storage system and premium bandwidth.-

Fully Redundant & Secure Servers

Our service is guaranteed to provide you with the best server uptime, backed up by a 100% SLA. With redundant power, storage and networking, your server will always be up and running on our cloud.

24x7x365 Technical Support

We've designed our platform to give you the full control over your server. However, our in-house support staff is always available to provide you with any assistance via phone, live chat & email.

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With an all solid-state redundant storage platform and fully automated unique server provisioning system, our cloud computing platform can deliver all your infrastructure requirements at the highest level of processor and disk performance, automation and reliability.

High Performance & Reliable Cloud Servers

We provide you the highest level of performance possible in a web hosting platform by leveraging the latest technologies and optimizing every part of our system. The latest technologies allow us to increase the level of reliability and allow us to deliver a 100% uptime guarantee.

Simple & Fast SSD Servers

Using our cloud computing platform, you can easily provision new servers powered by high-end processors and SSD storage with our easy to use control panel. In addition, you can also use our flexible and standard OpenStack® API to interact with our public cloud.

30 Second Server Provisioning Time

From the moment you request a server until the moment that server is up, running and accessible is typically 30 seconds at maximum. The combination of our high-end compute nodes and tuned cloud server scheduler boots your servers faster than ever before.

Redundant Solid State Drives Storage

Your data is stored on the fastest and most reliable data storage devices in the world. We combine solid state drives together to create an extra level of redundancy and deliver 500 times as much performance than typical spinning hard drives

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Control Panel

We provide you with the best tools so you can manage your Cloud Servers. Our control panel has been designed in-house by our engineers to offer the most advanced management features at the easiest way possible, in addition to our OpenStack® APIs.


On-Demand Servers

Cloud servers allow you to pay for cloud computing capacity on an hourly basis with no long-term commitments. This eliminates the complexities and costs of planning, acquiring or purchasing and maintaining hardware and transforms large fixed capital expenditures to much smaller operating expenses.

We currently charge our customers in 5 minute increments with no minimum charges on servers. For every server, there is a certain included amount of bandwidth allocated every month.

Instance TypevCPUsMemoryDiskBandwidthHourly Rate
v1-standard-12 cores1 GB40GB SSD4TB$0.015/hour ≈ $10.00/month
v1-standard-24 cores2 GB50GB SSD5TB$0.03/hour ≈ $20.00/month
v1-standard-44 cores4 GB100GB SSD6TB$0.06/hour ≈ $40.00/month
v1-standard-88 cores8 GB200GB SSD10TB$0.12/hour ≈ $80.00/month
v1-standard-168 cores16 GB400GB SSD18TB$0.24/hour ≈ $160.00/month
v1-standard-3216 cores32 GB800GB SSD24TB$0.48/hour ≈ $320.00/month
v1-standard-4816 cores48 GB1200GB SSD24TB$0.72/hour ≈ $480.00/month
v1-standard-6424 cores64 GB1600GB SSD24TB$0.96/hour ≈ $640.00/month
v1-standard-9624 cores96 GB2000GB SSD24TB$1.44/hour ≈ $960.00/month
v1-standard-12824 cores128 GB2500GB SSD24TB$1.92/hour ≈ $1280.00/month

Data Transfer Fees

Each instance is connected to both a public (internet) network and an internal network. You can take advantage of gigabit speed between your instances on the private network for no fees.

Public Network — Internet$0.10/GB
Private Networks — Internal$0.00/GB

IP Address Fees

Each instance is allocated one public for networking included for free. You can increase the amount of IPs assigned to your instance from your control panel. The IP addresses are billed per hour for how long you use them.

IP Addresses
Public IP Address — billed every hour$2.00/IP/month

Image Storage Fees

You can take point-in-time snapshots on your instance and restore them at anytime. You will only be charged for the duration that the snapshots are stored. The snapshots are billed per hour and compressed in order to reduce usage fees.

Image Storage Fees
Image Storage — billed every hour$0.10/GB/month

Software Licenses

We have worked with our partners in order to offer leased software licenses for our cloud computing platform. These licenses are for use exclusively on our cloud computing platform only and may not be used externally.

Software Licenses
Windows Server 2008 Standard R2$0.03/hour
Windows Server 2012 Standard R2$0.03/hour
cPanel & WebHostManager (WHM)$0.02/hour

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