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Cloud Block Storage

Reliable and easy to use OpenStack cloud block storage.

Starting at $0.08/GB

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Fast & Scalable Block Storage

Based on the OpenStack® project Cinder, our cloud block storage offers you the option to dynamically increase and decrease your storage without having to worry about any unscalable costly physical upgrades to your storage or server. At no upfront costs and pay as you go platforms, you can have maximum flexibility while your cloud applications can grow as fast as you’d like it to.


No complicated billing methods. Simply pay for hours of storage you use, nothing more.

Disk Type Rate
HDD $0.00016/GB/hr ≈ $0.12/GB/mo
SSD $0.00069/GB/hr ≈ $0.50/GB/mo
Image Storing Rate
Snapshots on HDD $0.00016/GB/hr ≈ $0.12/GB/mo
Snapshots on SDD $0.00069/GB/hr ≈ $0.50/GB/mo

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