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Cloud Server 7-Day Free Trial – No Credit Card Required!

We want to give the chance to everyone to experience the cloud. We are offering a 7-day, risk free trial of our cloud server service. We don’t even require your credit card to setup the server! We feel like it’s a great opportunity for all types of users:

  • Developers
    If you are looking to test out an application on the cloud and review the performance, evaluate your customer needs and see for yourself the huge performance difference.
  • System Administrators
    You can check and review the state of cloud servers and evaluate them for deploying and migrating your current infrastructure towards cloud servers for no cost at all.
  • Virtual Private Server Users
    The cloud presents a large amount of advantages for VPS users, such as full server scalability; high availability, redundancy and extremely high performance compared to regular virtual private servers.
  • Dedicated Server Users
    Our cloud servers are the only platform that allows you scale all the way from 256MB RAM to 95GB RAM without unnecessary migrations and long downtimes. It offers you much faster disk and CPU performance.

We hope that this incentive helps and assists all types of customers that are looking to bring their infrastructure to the cloud and aid the adoption of cloud. We want to really show how easy it is to get started on our infrastructure! Get Started Today →

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