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Best Security Practices For Private Cloud Migration

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Any business or organization with a mindset on growth needs to have best practices for private cloud migration in mind.

Any business or organization with a mindset on growth needs to have best practices for private cloud migration in mind. Rethinking your entire security architecture must be on your radar at all times. Making the move from a traditional IT infrastructure to an OpenStack powered private cloud means that your business now has several security-related practices to keep in mind. It is absolutely integral that the security protocols of your cloud solution are relevant and fit for purpose within your organization.

Did you know that a shocking 42% of businesses are concerned about cloud security? Even more surprisingly, another 27% do not know how fast they could identify if their cloud data has been compromised. You do not want your businesses to be vulnerable to ever-growing security threats. Thankfully, we've taken the time to outline which best practices your business or enterprise should be following for private cloud migration.

From learning when not to be so trusting, to forgoing passwords altogether, let's dive straight into what best security practices will bulletproof your private cloud migration and set your business up for success.

Best Security Practices For Private Cloud Migration

More enterprises, organizations, and businesses are making the move to the cloud than ever before. With the freedom to have maximum scalability and agility, who wouldn't want to get started with a private cloud solution? Unfortunately, with great innovation also comes great responsibility. Businesses need to stay up to date on security best practices to keep their cloud solution running as it should. With a private cloud, employees can have access to confidential business data outside of the traditional IT infrastructure. This gives businesses the freedom to conduct business anywhere in the world, but it also can create access points for hackers if not properly taken care of. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to create a secure cloud solution for your business.

Consider A Zero-Trust Rule

Now that your IT infrastructure is about to break away from its traditional model it's time for your business to adapt to these changes. By adopting a zero-trust framework your business can protect itself from potential threats. When it comes to network access it is crucial that employees should always verify that it is in fact them trying to access your network. Through continued verification, the potential for security breaches is decreased significantly. Ensuring that only users that need access have access to data makes for an overall more secure system.

Forget Your Password

Yes, we are telling you to forget your password. Why? A password can be one of the weakest links in your overall security arsenal. You do not want weak passwords to make your business vulnerable to security threats. From users recycling their password for more than one application to using simple passwords that are easy to hack, there are so many risks that need to be addressed to ensure the best security practices. It is time that your business looks to find a better, more reliable solution for employees to access their data in the cloud. There are many innovations in new technology, such as biometric access, that can help you forget your passwords forever.

Keeping It Clean

This one should go without saying, but keeping good hygiene practices will help make your private cloud migration all the more secure. In order for your business to thrive, it's important to implement appropriate security measures that work for your enterprise. It's time for your business to find security parameters for each device and ensure that no data is seeping between cloud apps. Keep up good app hygiene to keep all data exactly where it needs to be: securely in its place.

Are you thinking of migrating to a private cloud solution? Do you need some help implementing the best security practices to ensure that your migration is a complete success? Trust the team of experts at VEXXHOST to help you through every step of your cloud journey. We've been using and contributing to OpenStack since 2011, so it's safe to say that we know OpenStack inside and out. Contact us to learn more about the best security practices for your private cloud migration today.

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