How to host multiple Ghost instances on a single server

In previous tutorials, we’ve shown how to install Ghost on your server. In this tutorial, we show how easy it is to maintain multiple installations of Ghost on the same server.

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How To Customize your Ghost Instance

Ghost is a popular new blogging web application that’s based on NodeJS. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about how to customize your Ghost blog and update your theme.

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How To Get Started with Apache libcloud and OpenStack

Apache’s libcloud is a Python library that provide an abstract API to many online cloud providers for different services such as compute, storage and DNS. In this short tutorial, we’ll have a short introduction on how to use it on an OpenStack cloud.

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How To Install and Use EasyEngine (ee) on Ubuntu

EasyEngine (ee) is a collection of Linux shell scripts which make the installation and management of multiple websites and WordPress blogs that run on Nginx, PHP and MySQL extremely easy on your server. Learn how to install it, use it and upgrade it with this short tutorial.

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How To Install & Host Ghost with Nginx on Ubuntu

Ghost is the next big blogging platform, based on NodeJS, which is gaining a large amount of traction. Learn how to install it on your server with this short tutorial.

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