Will web page speed become a more important ranking factor?

Google’s Matt Cutts recently suggested that the speed of a web page may soon get more attention in Google’s ranking algorithm. It seems that Google focuses on fast websites to make the searching experience better. What can you do to make your web pages faster? Of course, you should start by choosing a reliable web […]

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Is vexxhost a cheap web hosting company or one of the best host web site hosting?

According to many of our clients, they classify our web hosting as low cost web site hosting however that doesn’t make our web hosting rated as cheap web hosting. Considering our reputation for being one of the best web hosting companies in the web hosting market with our high level of support & affordable ecommerce […]

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Web hosting datacenter proximity, does it matter?

A lot of users who are looking for web hosting usually take the location into matter to add to the complicated equation when looking for a web hosting company however it is not always the most important factor. It’s not completely unimportant but it is important to some point, you would at least want to […]

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Web Hosting for Dummies: What is Web Hosting?!

Web hosting is a pretty vague term because there are plenty of web hosting types out there, ranging from Shared Web Hosting up to Clustered Web Hosting, I will be explaining all of these in this article. Shared Web Hosting This probably is the most popular type of web hosting on the internet. Shared web […]

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