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The SiteLock Security Seal is a widely-recognized emblem you can display on your website. It is a clear indication that you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your site and your site visitors. You may only display the SiteLock seal if you have been given the “all clear” after the SiteLock Scan.

The SiteLock Security Seal has proven to be a benefit to business, increasing customer trust, website traffic, and sales.

Please note: If a SiteLock scan discovers a vulnerability or security issue with your site, you will be given a specific amount of time to fix the problem. If the appropriate action is not taken, the SiteLock seal will not be visible on your website. It will be restored as soon as your site is deemed safe again.
SiteLock is a comprehensive website security tool that will protect your website, network, and business. It's one of the most comprehensive online security services available today.

Once installed, SiteLock will scan your site regularly to look for vulnerabilities or threats. From malware removal to database security, ongoing security assurance to reputation monitoring, SiteLock is a valuable protector of your website and, with it, your site's reputation.

Today’s consumers are concerned about website security. By displaying the SiteLock Security Seal on your website, you’ll show them that you are too. This widely recognized seal has been shown to increase consumer confidence, improve traffic, and sales potential.
Buying the SiteLock Security Seal from us has a couple of key advantages: We make it simple and affordable to protect your website with this high-level security service. It’s easy to add the service to your hosting account, whether you’re a new or existing customer.

As well, our excellent partnership with SiteLock means it is actually considerably cheaper to purchase the SiteLock seal from us than to buy from SiteLock directly. It all adds up to a great decision for you, your business, and your site visitors/customers!
SiteLock performs daily scans of your website, identifying any vulnerabilities and protecting against threats like viruses, malware and cross-site scripting. It will identify if your site has been “blacklisted” or blocked by servers.

SiteLock will verify your credentials and contact information, demonstrating to your website visitors that you are a trustworthy and reputable business. SiteLock will also ensure email from you is not marked spam, so it will land in your customers' inboxes – not their spam or junk folders.

It all starts with SiteLock’s Deep 360 Scan – a deep look at your website that will find any hidden malicious code or vulnerabilities. Once you and your site have been given the “all clear,” you may post the SiteLock Trust Seal on your site, letting all visitors know you are meeting rigorous safety and privacy standards.
There are hundreds of thousands of cyber threats to your website and network stability. New ones are being discovered every day. If your site is infected by any one of these, your business may suffer – not only due to website downtime, but also by a loss of consumer confidence.

SiteLock will help you discover and deal with vulnerabilities and cyber dangers effectively and efficiently. It will secure your network, protect your databases, extract malware, and preserve your reputation.
You will receive a long list of benefits by being a SiteLock subscriber, both in the short and long-term. To simplify, SiteLock:

- Protects your site: SiteLock will scan your website regularly for vulnerabilities and malware, protecting against threats and ensuring you are not being blocked. Premium and Enterprise-level plans include a full scan of your site, every day.
- Builds business: Displaying the SiteLock seal on your website shows you are a trustworthy business; this increases confidence, traffic, sales, and conversions.
- Speeds recovery: If your site is infiltrated or damaged, SiteLock will identify the problem and help you find a fast solution. You'll be back up and running with barely a blip.
Most website security systems don’t look deep enough to find all potential issues with a site – they may miss .css (cascading style sheets) files, .js (javascript) files, .jpg, .png and other image files, and more. Today’s hackers often hide malicious code within these file types.

The SiteLock Deep 360 Scan will delve into all files susceptible to threats – including those listed above – searching deep for anything that could turn into a security issue. The patent-pending Deep 360 Scan sets SiteLock apart from other website security services.

The SiteLock Deep 360 Scan will scan for a wide range of potential threats. Read more about them below.
No. SiteLock provides the ultimate protection for your website – but it is completely unobtrusive. It will not affect your website or server performance.

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