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George Vanous


I first discovered VEXXHOST when I was looking for companies that support CloudFlare Railgun. VEXXHOST was the only provider to implement Railgun in a hosting environment. Well done! I moved all our websites to VEXXHOST and saw a considerable speed improvement globally, thanks to Railgun and VEXXHOST's heavily optimized server infrastructure. Sure we had a few hiccups, but the support staff were very quick to respond and solve all our issues in a timely manner. I am the CEO of any.TV, and I strongly recommend VEXXHOST to anyone who asks.

Felix Landicho


Cloud Sites 15K is great and my experience was positive. I was up and running within minutes after ordering it, and the hosting is much faster than the old Shared Hosting I had. VEXXHOST was really helpful in answering all my questions fast by their ticket system and chat support, but it was a shame I had to be so aggressive in letting them know it was urgent.

Karl Widmer

Driftar's Blog

I tried different hosting providers. I probably had the same problems as other website owner also. Slow web server, poor support. Pick out something.

I wondered if my small website really needs a good hosting provider. It's only a small, inconspicuous personal blog I thought. But even for the few visitors that I have, and also to satisfy my desire for technology and knowledge, I wanted that my website is fast. The conclusion was that I need to change my hosting provider again. And so I came to VEXXHOST.

My website, at the time before changing to VEXXHOST, was stored at Amazon. Driven by a combination of an EC2 instance and S3 storage it was a nice technical playground, but not this kind of fast the way I want. The guys from VEXXHOST Support migrated my site, all the content and the database in the background within a little over an hour from Amazon in their own data center, including my domain.

That was just WOW. You have done a great job!

Reese Jenner

Teenage Chat

VEXXHOST is very professional, offering high quality support. Support has always been there to answer any of my questions and concerns to do with my hosting. When I first joined VEXXHOST, I supplied my login details to my old hosting, and they migrated my website which was over 34 GBs in size.

My customers were still using my old hosting, and uploading photos, changing data. They devised a method to have minimal disruption. They changed my DNS to go to my new hosting, while having a file sync every 5 minutes, so the new hosting would be up-to-date. My database linked to the new database server. It was a very smooth process, and I'd highly recommend VEXXHOST!

I have seen major, reliability and performance increased since switching. I won't ever think about leaving.

Eric Boland

WTYW7 & World News Network

Since We started in late 2009 with our web company, we needed a great web hosting company which provides reliable service for a lower price. Our websites which includes our News site runs on VEXXHOST Cloud Hosting, which our sites runs very smooth and fast. We would like to thank VEXXHOST for their great support, which is very fast responds.

Kevin Edward Rose

I've used VEXXHOST to host my website since 2009 and I am extremely pleased with the service. In that entire time, I am only aware of the site being down one time and that was for scheduled maintenance and I was notified in advance. I would recommend VEXXHOST to anyone looking for an affordable hosting service.

D.L. Veraart

The service vexxhost offers is remarkable, my site runs smooth and stable and all the little start-up problems I had (due to special needs my site has) where solved fast and adequate. The price/service ratio is far beyond my expectations and I'm very glad I switched to vexxhost!

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Many thanks to the team @vexxhost who have been handling my website migration. We're now back up and running.

Tony Hart

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