Our CoreLayer™ compute service provides you a full computing environment in the cloud, allowing you to use a web interface or application programming interface (API) to launch servers with any operating system within 30 seconds, install your custom applications on them and create system images which you can use to launch servers from.

Getting Started

It is extremely easy to get started with our compute service. Once you setup your free account, you can login to your customer center and access your CloudConsole, our proprietary management portal.

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Step 1. Provide Server Identification

When creating a server on our compute service, you simply give it a name in order to identify it. The name also becomes the cloud server's hostname when the server is first deployed. This makes it extremely easy to manage large server deployments.

cloud server name

Step 2. Select Server Image

Next, you will need to select a pre-configured image, which is a pre-installed operating system (such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or Windows), a partner appliance or a snapshot of another server that was previously taken. This image will be used to create the base disk of your new cloud server.

cloud server name

Step 3. Choose Server Type

You can choose the exact type of instance type that you require based on your requirements. All servers are deployed on the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2670v2 processors, 1800Mhz memory speed and solid-state storage, powered by ZFS which ensures high performance and data resiliency.

cloud instance type

Step 4. Select Management Tier

You can select between our two management tiers. Our basic option includes guidance in setting up your cloud infrastructure and help in migrating from your existing environment. Our fully managed tier provides all the above but including architecting, deploying and managing your servers for you.

cloud instance type

Step 5. Manage Your Server

Once your server is setup, you can manage it from our management portal or using our OpenStack® API. You can do everything from resizing the server, add new public IP addresses, access remote console, view full server metrics, rebuild your server from scratch and power actions.

cloud control panel

You can also easily create an image from this server which will take a full copy of the server and store it without shutting your server down. You can use this image to create new servers in the future, which can be helpful in deploying a large number of machines.

You only pay for the resources you actually consume on our cloud computing service which are hours that your cloud server are running and the amount of bandwidth transferred through the network.

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