We provide you with the best tools so you can manage your cloud server. With unique features such as rebootless password resets and IP address configuration changes. Our control panel has been designed in-house by our engineers to offer the most advanced management features at the easiest way possible.


Centralized Infrastructure Management

You can easily manage your entire infrastructure from our simple and easy to use cloud computing control panel. All of your servers that are created either using API calls or the control panel can be managed via the control panel or the API as well. From basic power functionality to complex features such as server resizes, you can complete just about any infrastructure related task instantly from our cloud computing control panel, CloudConsole.

cloud control panel

Automated Server Backups

Our system can backup your cloud server by taking an image of it at a certain frequency automatically while retaining a select number of backups and deleting those that are beyond your selected retention. You can create a server at anytime from the backups of your cloud server.

cloud backups

Instant Cloud Server Resizing

Our cloud computing platform allows you to resize your server to another instance type with minimal downtime. The resize is mostly done while the server is running and requires a single reboot once it’s complete. It allows you to upgrade or downgrade your server specifications such as memory and disk with a simple click of a button or an API call, which allows you to scale up your servers easily.

Resize cloud servers

Zero Configuration Network Management

With our unique and fully automated IP configuration system, you never have to make any more network changes within your cloud server. You can add new public IP addresses with the click of a button or an API call if you require any additional public IP addresses and they will be configured automatically inside your cloud server, without any manual intervention.

cloud servers ip management

Full Server Console Access

If you have any networking problems on your server or misconfigured your firewall that resulted in all your network access being disabled, you can easily manage your server using our console. The console allows you to interact with your server as if there was a computer screen that is directly connected to it, giving you full physical access to the cloud server

cloud servers console

Detailed Cloud Server Metrics

You can easily monitor the performance of your servers using our external metrics. The metrics are measured on the host, which means they require no agents within your virtual machine to be installed. You can view statistics such as CPU utilization and network utilization, which is archived for 1 year allowing you to do long term performance analysis.

cloud servers metrics

Key-Based SSH Authentication

All Linux® servers are provisioned which a random root password when the server is first started. The root password is provided to you when the server is first booted and it is not stored within our system. However, you can choose to have our cloud platform add your public keys to the server in order to allow you to SSH to your server without the use of any passwords at all.

cloud servers ssh key authentication

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