C2 units are accurate measurement of your total resource usage consumption for your website. They ensure fairness and allow you to easily predict your hosting costs.

C2 units are a measurement of your total resource usage which are calculated from a combination of multiple computing resources such as CPU, disk (I/O) usage and memory. They allow complete transparency so that you can predict your hosting costs and choose either to optimize the high consumption scripts or upgrade your account.

Why don't other hosting providers have this limit?

All web hosting providers have a limit on resource usage. They are typically very low and they are hidden deep mostly in their terms of service or acceptable usage policy. We choose to be completely transparent about these limits so that you can know exactly what's happening with your hosting account.

How much page views does C2 units allow me?

Since web applications vary so greatly, it's hard to make a perfect guess. There are, however, some guidelines that can help. For example, 6,000 cloud cycles would power approximately:

how can I monitor my C2 usage?

We have a full section in your control panel with graphs and statistics for the past 30 days. We even go the extra mile to providing you with a list of your scripts which consume the highest amount of C2 units which can help you optimize your application.

What happens if I go over my allocated limits?

We understand the importance of having your site always up. The cloud cycle limits are soft limits which means that if you go over them, your account won't be instantly shut off. We will contact you and help you to optimize your website to reduce it's CPU usage. If the script is fully optimized and your website's traffic has increased, then we can help upgrade your account to a larger package with zero downtime.

How often are my statistics updated?

The C2 statistics are updated every minute so you can always have up to date information on your usage. We also archive your usage so you can always go back to a specific day and review your usage for that day and the top processes and requests as well.

I'm worried my site will take too much C2 units, what can I do?

We understand that it may be hard to predict your usage initially. If your usage is higher than your plan, our support engineers will help you to enable optimizing options such as caching to reduce your usage. However, with your 30 day moneyback guarantee, you can request a full refund at anytime should you find that the usage is inadequate for your likings.

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