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Build and launch reliable and resilient applications quickly and efficiently on our high-performance cloud computing infrastructure. Based on OpenStack® technology, our service provides you with all the power, resources and flexibly to run your production workloads.

High Performance & Fully Automated Platform

With an all solid-state redundant storage platform and fully automated unique server provisioning system, our cloud computing platform can deliver all your infrastructure requirements at the highest level of processor and disk performance, automation and reliability.

Instant Cloud Compute Server Provisioning

With our fully automated cloud computing platform, your servers are instantly provisioned under our platform. Unlike other providers, all of our servers are deployed and setup with correct password and IP configurations, with support for multiple IP addresses.

Fully Automated Cloud Computing Platform

Your cloud computing servers are fully integrated with our platform using an agent that runs inside every server. This unique feature allows our platform to perform tasks inside your server such as resetting administrator passwords and add/remove IPs without requiring any reboots or downtime.

Ultra I/O Solid State Storage Platform

Our superior all solid-state storage platform can deliver up to 1.6 gigabytes per second reads and 900 megabytes per second writes to disk, which is up to 2000% higher performance than typical server disk performance. This makes our servers optimal for both normal and database workloads.

Enterprise Class Data Protection

Hard drives can silently corrupt data, however, the majority of storage solutions used in servers, such as RAID, do not detect any of these corruptions. Our storage system can detect silently corrupted data and correct it on the disk automatically with zero downtime.

Complete Server Metrics

The metrics of your cloud computing server are instantly updated with no delays. They provide you with all the information necessary to make any decisions to scale up or scale out your server. They do not require any agent to be running inside your servers.

Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

The KVM hypervisor performs hardware virtualization of our cloud computing. KVM, a loadable Linux kernel module, helps give each instance its own private virtualized hardware based on a share of the underlying physical hardware.

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