Joomla web hosting: Is it suitable for your website or not?

Joomla is a very popular content management system that is popular amongst websites and can usually be automatically installed using Fantastico (Joomla web hosting is available on our web hosting plans) however the question comes often that if this very popular software is what you exactly need.

While Joomla is very expandable and can have a lot of modules to accomplish anything, sometimes it would be considered an overkill, as per example, using Joomla for a blog is usually an overkill unless you have a very advanced blog, however a great alternative for Joomla if you want to create your blog would be WordPress (which can be installed using Fantastico too).

However, if you have a site with a couple of pages but require a forum and other type of scripts where creating a theme for each would take a long time, Joomla is a good option however if you only have a couple of pages without the the need of theming, the best option might just be to stick with plain HTML.

So there are no wrong choices in this case however there are better in cases, if you’re going to use Joomla’s full capacities then it’s suggested however if you’ll be only using part of it, then maybe you’re looking at the wrong script.

  • aldo

    Also, Joomla! is kind of a resource hog, it doesn’t use a huge amount but it uses more then it should and is poorly coded… However I think they are fixing that

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  • @joomlapackages

    Joomla doesn't need to be resource intensive. It ships with ~15 queries to the db per request, which isn't bad for a CMS. Resources are stolen not by the Joomla Core system which actually is pretty good php programming, but from 3rd party extensions which can be very resource intensive. The modular nature of Joomla gives it its amazing flexiblity over other CMS. If you want a blog, word press, if you want a blog and something else, Joomla. IMHO.


  • Joomla Web Brisbane

    Agree with @joomlapackages most definitely. It's when you start adding a ton of random plug-ins and the like that the site begins to slow down.

  • Chromilo

    I use Joomla for the Community Builder plugin and use WordPress or Blogger for blogging. I agree that it is a resource hog so I may try Drupal for a bit as that has just as big of a market share in terms of finding freelance work.