Great websites deserve great utilities, welcome Attracta to our partners.

Our newest partner to be introduced to our cPanel control panel, Attracta, has been fully deployed to all of our shared and semi-dedicated web hosting servers. Attracta is a powerful solution engineered to help you increase the ranking of your website and get more of your pages indexed on search engines such as Google.

We are proud to announce that their offerings are now accessible directly from your cPanel control panel. You will see a new set of buttons in your control panel under the name “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools” — Also, our partnership allows us to provide our clients with the basic paid version of Attracta tools at no cost (value of $4.95 per month).

On another note, we’d like to wish everyone Happy Holidays from part of the entire VEXXHOST staff. Be on the look out for more value features in your web hosting account soon. :)

  • RealTime

    Great news. I have used Attracta before and it really worked well to get my site better listing in Google.

  • Tim

    I’m working hard in SEO for my blog and since last month i have good listing in google , i’m proud of my work but i have to admit that i have used Attracta and i’ll keep using it till this technique will be off, or no longer good enough. Thanks!