FFMPEG Automatic Installer

Our team at VEXXHOST has released a new utility that automatically installs all the applications required to encode videos on your server (FFMPEG, MPlayer, MEncoder, etc.) It’s very simple and utility, all you have to do is just execute it and it’ll take care of everything afterwards. Feel free to post on the forums or […]

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Installing FFMPEG – The easy way!

Need help installing FFMPEG on your server or shared account? Let our experienced technicians help you at NO COST, for free, sign up today and post on our online community for help: FFMPEG Help Forums Good News: Customers of VEXXHOST Web Hosting can now automatically install PHPmotion and VidiScript instantly from cPanel, they do not […]

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What FFMPEG-PHP can do and how to use the most out of it

Need help using specific FFMPEG-PHP functions or some programming help? Let our experienced technicians help you debug your problem for FREE. Sign up today and post at our online community: FFMPEG-PHP Help Forums You’ve probably heard of ffmpeg-php and it’s wide usability mostly in sites that involve with videos such as YouTube or any other […]

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